Boca Raton Condo Guide



(Note: This is a hyperlink to Terry’s Beautiful Boca Raton Oceanfront Interactive Condo Map Guide:  Please reference the list below for updated pricing information, also note that Whitehall South is now Ocean Towers.)

Condo Name

Address Price
Aberdeen Arms 4750 S. Ocean Blvd, H.B. 375-525K
Addison 1400 -1500 S. Ocean Blvd, B.R. 1.2-3M
Admirals Walk Tower 4545 N. Ocean Blvd, B.R. 550-800k
Aegean 2150 N. Ocean Blvd, B.R. 1.3-3M
Ambassadors East 3215 -3301 S. Ocean Blvd, H.B. 350-450K
Ambassadors South 4505-4511 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 300-600K
Aragon 2494 S. Ocean Blvd, B.R.  3-5.5m
Athena 2070 N. Ocean Blvd, B.R. 1.5-3M
Beach Walk East 3201 S. Ocean Blvd, H.B. 1-3.2M
Beresford 350 S. Ocean Blvd, B.R. 1-3M
Boca Capri 2501 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R.  250-350K
Boca Cove 1000-1138 Russell Dr., H.B. 550-700k
Boca Inlet 701 East Camino Real, B.R. 300-850k
Boca Mar 310 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 400-600K
Boca Reef 3051 S. Ocean Blvd. BR 300-400k
Boca South 2929 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 200-400k
Boca Towers 2121 N. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 250-600k
Braemar Isle 4740 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 400-850K
Brighton 2000 N. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 1.5-2M
Carlton 901 East Camino Real, B.R. 900-2M
Carlton House 2701 S. Ocean Blvd, H.B. 550-1.6M
Carron House 4600 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 350-500k
Casuarina 3450 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 450-700k
Chalfonte 500-550 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 600-1.2M
Clarendon  3407 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 525-1.3M
Cloister Beach Towers 1200 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 450-700K
Cloister del Mar 1180 S. Ocean  Blvd. B.R.  500-800k
Corniche 277 N. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 450-550k
Coronado at Highland Beach 3400-3420 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 350-850k
Dalton Place 4748 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 350-650k
Edgewater Townhomes 3004-3012 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 1.2-1.6M
Enclave at Boca Cove 1021-1041 Boca Cove Ln. H.B. 700-900K
Esplanade 1901 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 300-500k
Excelsior 400 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 3-6M
Highland Beach Club 3594-3606 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 375-600K
Highland Towers 2921 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B 350-550K
Highlands Place 2901 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 600-1M
La Font  501 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 1-2m
La Fontana 2001-2003 N. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 500-800K
Lake House South 875 East Camino Real, B.R. 450-750K
Luxuria 2500 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 5m-9m
Marbella 250 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 700-1.2M
Mayfair 1401 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 300-600k
Meridian, The 1 N. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 1.2-2M
Mizner Court 100-120-140 S.E. 5th Ave. B.R. 500-2m
Mizner Grand 450-660 S.E. 5th Ave. B.R. 2.5-5m
Mizner Tower 300 S.E. 5th Ave. B.R. 900-2.5M
Monterey House 3114 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 350-500K
Newth Gardens 1001 East Camino Real B.R. 300-500K
Ocean Club 2401 N. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 800-1.5M
Ocean Dunes 3015 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 550-1M
Ocean Pines 3009 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 550-700K
Ocean Reef Towers 2066 N. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 800-2M
Ocean Terrace 3115 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B.  
One Thousand Ocean 1000 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 3-10M
Parker Highland East 4605 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 750-1.3M
Patrician 2851 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 300-500K
Penthouse Highlands 3100 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 375-500K
Penthouse Towers 3101 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 475-600
Placide 1800 S. Ocean  Blvd. B.R.  1.2-1.5M
Presidential Place 800 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 4.7-6.5M
Reflections 555 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 1-2m
Regency Highland Club 3908-3912 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B 350-900k
Sabal Point 700 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 500-1.2M
Sabal Ridge 750 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 1.5-2M
Sabal Shores 600 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 550-1M
San Remo 2871 N. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 250-600K
Sea Ranch Club 4001-4301 N. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 550-1.5M
Seagate 3212-3310 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 275-400k
Stratford Arms 2600 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 900-1.5M
Three Thousand South 3000 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 600-1.3M
Tierra del Mar 1111 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 350-850
Toscana 3700,3720,3740 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B 800-5m
Townhouses of Highland Beach 2565 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 600-1.1M
Trafalgar 2917 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 600-1.6M
Villa Costa 3210 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 550-800K
Villa Magna 2727 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 1.2-1.6M
Villa Mare 3211 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 600-1.6M
Villa Nova 3505 S.Ocean Blvd. H.B. 1.1-1.5M
Whitehall  2000 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 600-1.6M
Whitehall South (now Ocean Towers) 2800 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 600-800K
Wiltshire House 2909 S. Ocean Blvd. H.B. 600-800K
Yacht & Racquet Club 2667-2727 S. Ocean Blvd. B.R. 350-700K